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Digital SME


What is Digital SME?

Small Medium Enterprises/ Businesses are often faced with different challenges. Digital SME is an effort to help Small and Medium Businesses to transform their internal operating procedures and processes and external execution of business strategies by adopting and leveraging various technological tools and methods.

What is available from Walbee in Digital SME?

1. Website/Portal
Still thinking that you do not need a website for your business? Think twice.
Projection of professionalism and your commitment towards your business
It does not matter if your company/partnership is small, or in an industry that you think where at this stage you do not require a website. More importantly is for you to understand that a simple but effective website carries much more weight in projecting your professionalism and commitments towards your business. It gives your potential clients and customer solid confidence that you are publishing key and crucial information about your business/company and making everything transparent and easy for them.
Isnt Facebook Page, Twitter or Linkedin Page sufficient? They are free by the way.
No doubt you should setup Social Media Pages for your company. However, these are still 3rd party platforms that you do not fully have the control of. Your website is the official source of information to release updates and news on your products and services, in which can be promoted via other social media channels.
2. ECommerce Platform
B2B or B2C ECommerce Platform
Make life easier for your customers and clients
Whether it is an online and dynamic catalog of your products or services, or a full fledged e-commerce system, complete with payment, marketing and business intelligence modules, Walbee will be able to develop and cater for your business needs. Talk to us for further information.
3. Mobile Applications
Android, iPhone or Windows
Customized Mobile App for your business
We understand there are various business needs especially for SMEs to fulfill and having an app sometimes may not just be ideal but productive to the tasks/ project/ processes of your company. Contact us to find out more about how Walbee can assist you in transforming your business processes.