Address Verification Service (AVS)

 A service that credit card processors implement to verify that the billing addresses of your customers match the addresses on their credit card statements. It can be matched to the address which the credit card company has in their record or on the credit card statement.

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A/B Testing - Split Testing

 A/B Testing is a method commonly adopted usually by marketing teams to compare two web pages to determine which one performs better in various metrics. There are two variants of the web page which are shown randomly to the prospect and the page which provides a good conversion rate is opted. Thus this mechanism helps to figure ...

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301 Redirect

301 Redirect refers to a permanent redirection from one URL (web address) to another so as to send site visitors and search engines to the new URL than the one they originally typed automatically. This is a way to let search engines and site visitors know that a webpage moved to a new address. Customers who bookmarked your old webpage wil...

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In the world of eCommerce, abandonment means a visitor has visited the website and left or moved on without making a desired action or the action planned by the creator. It is a situation wherein a buyer has placed items in his shopping cart but leaves without purchasing them due to any reason.  It is also called as cart abandon...

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Walbee Technology Updates

Stay subscribed to the latest technology updates here. Coding and Programming Get the latest updates on various programming languages here Enterprise IT Operations & Management Stay updated on the latest trends and news for IT operations and management Cybersecurity Be alerted on the latest news and updates on cybersecurity and cyberthreats Aut...

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