Our Story

Starting our journey back in 2009, and has been growing faster ever since. Walbee operates at a pace where its growth rate is higher than the industry average and peers, all these attributed to its much talented workforce. The employee's belief in the organization that delivers a differentiated customer experience via accelerating the cycle time, in ways that serve our partners a greater than expected return on their investment.

about us



We are passionate about making digitalization journey easy for your organization.

E-Commerce Consulting and Development

We understand the ecosystem of E-Commerce landscape from ideation, development to operations. Whether it's a B2B or B2C platform, Walbee provides the consultation needed to digitalize your commerce operations and the necessary trainings to empower your resources to operate these platforms.

Custom Web Application

Whether it's a corporate website or other industry specific websites, Walbee provides the experties to ensure the success of your project and implementation. We have vast experiences in warehousing solutions, logistics, property, construction, retail etc.


Security is the utmost important element in your organization's path to digitalization. You do not want your data to fall to the wrong hands. Talk to us to find out how Walbee can assist.

Mobile Applications

We understand the importance of mobile first, cloud first adoption for your digitalization journey. Custom built mobile apps with various integrations to your existing systems are all available from Walbee.

Digital + Social Marketing

Your business NEEDS digital marketing. We understand the need for your organization to transform your existing marketing practice to a sustainable digital operations. Talk to us to get more insights on this.